Carmelized Onion & Fresh Herb Risotto

What to make for dinner that sings spring, but still fills the belly with warm food on a cold night?  Carmelized onion risotto topped with fresh herbs from the garden center. Fitz_20110226_8534


Fitz_20110302_8678 Fitz_20110302_8698

It was really easy to make.  I was suspicious that the recipe called for much less stirring than risottos I've made before, but it turned out wonderfully.  It was even good leftover the next day.

Fitz_20110226_8530 Fitz_20110226_8528

In a few hours we're off to the Lake District, about 2 hours north.  The forecast is for sunny but near freezing weather, so we're going to bundle up and bring our wellies and warm socks.  This is the place I've most wanted to visit since we moved here, and the time has finally arrived.  I promise to tell you all about it!