And we're back!

After a long hiatus Jenny and I are going to try and starting posting on the blog again. The main impetus being the birth of baby William "Liam" Harold Fitzpatrick.  Liam was born on Monday November 23, 2015. He weighed in at 9lbs 2oz and measured 21" tall.  Jenny, I, and his big sister Claire couldn't be happier to welcome him home.  Stayed tuned for many more photos to come.

Baby Liam with Dad.  

Baby Liam with Dad.  

Swimming Lessons

Kyle made it home from Turkey in time to attend the last of Claire's swimming lessons.

I'm so glad, because otherwise we'd have no pictures of it - and I find her little faces in the water adorable beyond description.

9 Months

Kyle was gone for almost all of April on a work trip to Turkey.  Claire and I stayed as busy as possible while he was away.

We were very happy to be invited to Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane's on Whidbey Island for a weekend.

Claire was just perfecting her rolling skills and the big, carpeted living room in their home was the perfect place for her to practice.

What fun!

8 Months


We had an outing to Swanson's nursery around St. Patrick's Day.   Claire was 8 months old.

Pals with her daddy.

Also that weekend, we went on a hike.

This would be the last hike before we got our new hiking backpack.  Claire was not a fan of the ergo for long.

At one point, we had to let her out.

Good foraging skills!





Easter dawned sunny and bright and we made our way to Mimi's house for a lovely afternoon.

Claire was immediately interested in her Easter basket, and the toys within.

She then turned her attention to the blooming daffodils.


Cousin George was being adorable.


And then she was just generally happy, as she often is.

Especially when many of her favorite people are around to entertain her.

It was a good day.



7 Months

We took advantage of a clear, if cold, February afternoon to take pictures of Claire in our yard.

Love that little face!

Claire was trying out the garden chair we got for her for the first time.  I think she liked it!



Roots of Empathy


Claire has been fortunate to participate in a program called Roots of Empathy.  PBS recently included her in a segment on the program here in Shoreline.  You can watch the clip here

It's been a great experience for us to meet with Mrs. Pearson's kindergarten class once a month this school year.  Claire lights up when she sees the kids, and they seem pretty excited to see her too.

The kids are great at spotting how she has changed since our last visit.  The first time she was able to pick up both of these little spinning toys at once, they clapped for her.

It was so sweet!


Palm Springs

Back in March, we joined the Prewitt cousins and parents for a sunny week in Palm Springs.

It was almost too much fun to be believed.

Puppy Winston Furchill was there.


And Cousin George.

And Cousins Lilly and Amelia, who entertained the babies endlessly with their antics.

There was a fantastic swimming pool, nice and warm for babies.

Claire discovered that she very much enjoys a swim, especially in the lily pad that Morgan provided.

Overall, there was a great deal of lounging going on.

Every day was warm and sunny.

And many flowers bloomed.

Ah, California!



I know it was a few months ago, (only 9 more months until Christmas!), but here are a few holiday photos.

Perhaps it has taken so long to post them because it was a very memorable one and I haven't been able to come to terms with the end of holiday season.

So full of family, good food and cheerful lights - just when we need them most.

Happily, a keen excitement for spring has arrived to fill the void left by the end of our holiday merriment.  What a cheeky little elf, our Claire is.


4 months old

The magic of time travel will allow us to revisit a few photos that were taken back in November.  Rory supervised the 4 month old photo shoot for Claire just before Thanksgiving.

We broke out the snowflake pajamas for the occasion.

It was just before bedtime, so Claire was very contemplative.

Claire 6 months old!

We can't quite fathom where all the time has gone, but Claire is over six months old now.  Our baby girl is now sitting up all on her own, eating her first foods, and continuing to develop an awesome personality.  To celebrate Claire crossing the six month threshold, Jenny and I did a little in home photo shoot with her.  Claire was surprisingly cooperative and we ended up capturing some great moments.

This was our favorite photograph of the day.  What can beat that precious smile?

Claire loves the bathtub!  There are just so many fun games to play while getting clean.

Last up Claire is wearing one of Jenny's old dresses.  Jenny told me it was a good thing we took the photographs when we did because Claire's quickly growing arms barely fit through the dress.


Wild Lights at the Zoo!

Right before Christmas Claire made her first trip to the zoo in Seattle.  It was a cold brisk night but Claire braved the chill tucked in her teddy bear fleece suit while  Jenny, Kyle, and Grandpa Turner accompanied her to Woodland Park Zoo's inaugural christmas light festival, Wild Lights.  As some of you may know Claire is mesmerized by lights.  She spent the whole evening looking out from her stroller in awe.

Most of the zoo animals were asleep and tucked in for the night.  Though we did meet a couple reindeer and out of no where we stumbled on a herd of elephants trouncing through the field.

Claire is looking forward to next year very much when she can go see the lights again.  She enjoyed her first trip very much, especially being able to hang out with her Grandpa Turner.

3 months

Claire is growing so much and having a great deal of fun at 3 months old!

She's beginning to really coo and show her social, smiley personality.

Attempting to sit up is her favorite endeavor.

She's adjusting to our rainy fall weather after having only seen the sun for her first two months of life.

Love our little Bee!

A Little Ladybug

Claire was a ladybug for Halloween.

And she loved it!

We had a lot of fun around Halloween, actually.  For one thing, Claire's cousin was born the day before!  More on that soon...

We also got to go to a fall festival with some good friends - I must devote an entire post to this, it was so lovely.

We also visited Mimi on a gorgeous autumn afternoon.

Claire is becoming quite the lady.

She's using her voice a lot these days, much to all of our delight.

But back to the ladybug photos!

Keeping an eye on those sneaky pumpkins!

I honestly wasn't sure how the who ladybug costume would go, but I must say, it was great fun, and kept our little ladybug cozy and warm.



A Visit with Aunt Molly

We all had a wonderful time when Aunt Molly came to visit last month.

She and Jill took Claire for her first trip around University Village on a lovely fall day.

Shop 'til you drop!

Then it was back home to hang out with cousin Kailey.

These two love their Aunt Molly!

And there were hugs all around.

What a wonderful time.  I'm so glad that Claire has such brilliant Aunties.


Claire practiced her smiles for about 5 weeks before she broke them out for real.

Now, we are greeted with them first thing in the morning and all throughout the day.

Here is a small sampling.

They are still a bit elusive to catch on camera!